What started out as an experiment with just images for authors in 2017 has quickly become our most popular product.

We have now included animated gifs in all plans, as these are fast becoming more popular on social media than images, and we always like to stay up to date.

We create new teasers for you monthly, the number depends upon your plan. We then share these daily on the sylv.net Facebook page, as well as sharing them with the number of groups/pages listed in your plan. We never post on the same page/group on consecutive days, to ensure that you are not seen as spamming.

When you sign up for a plan, you are not trapped into a minimum term. We do not even automatically bill you. Instead, we send you an invoice one week before your next payment is due, as you can then make a decision on whether you wish to continue. This means that you can select when we work with you, without the worry of having to continue if you do not wish to do so. We do suggest giving this at least 3 months to build momentum, due to the way marketing psychology works.

Pay annually and get 2 MONTHS FREE

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